Easy to use interface Updated!

Rapid SEO Tool interface is easy to understand and straight-forward.

Performance report Updated!

The quality and performance report analyzes your performance against your competitors and provides imporvement suggestions.

SEO position monitoring New!

You can monitor your and competitor SEO position for multiple keywords on multiple search engines.

Keyword density charts Updated!

The keyword density charts vizualize the keyword density situation between your page and your competitors.

Automated suggestions Updated!

The software analyzes your page and provides intelligent suggestions on improving your SEO results .

Word cloud New!

Word cloud feature visualizes the keyword situation on your web page.

Spider view

Search spider view vizualizes how your website is seen by search engine spiders.

Report branding New!

Generate and distribute reports under your own brand name.

Local search engine support New!

Monitor and optimize for local search engine versions.

SEO Jumpstart Guide Updated!

We have concentrated 80% of the SEO knowledge in short 5-minute SEO guide that will get you started in no time.